Keto Breakfast Casserole

Begin making the biscuit base by whisking the dry ingredients together and blending the wet ingredients with a hand blender or food processor.

When the wet and dry ingredients are ready, pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix them until they are just combined.

Spread the biscuit layer out evenly in a greased baking dish making sure to get into the corners, and bake until the top is golden-brown.

While the biscuit base is baking, make and cook the sausage. You can either make the homemade sausage in the recipe or use store-bought sausage patties, crumbled (not link sausages).

Next, make the gravy. In a small pot whisk eggs and unsweetened almond milk together and then turn on the heat.

Add spices for flavour, cream cheese for creaminess, and xanthan gum to thicken (if needed). Finally, add in the sausage crumbles.

Let's layer the casserole! Begin by sprinkling chopped kale (stems removed) over the golden-brown biscuit base.

The next layer is the sausage gravy. Spoon this out over the kale and spread it evenly. You can shake the casserole dish to get it in all of the corners.

After that we'll add the eggs. Make a little well with the back of a spoon or ladle for the egg to sit in. If you've made shakshuka, it's a similar process. Bake when all of the eggs are added.

Serve this Keto Breakfast Casserole sprinkled with crispy bacon for garnish! This is perfect for the weekend or meal prep.

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