Halloween Frankenstein Avocados

Begin by slicing the avocado in half. One avocado makes 2 Frankenstein faces.

Next, scoop the avocado flesh out from the skin using a spoon. Take care not to break the avocado or skin!

Cut Frankensteins hair out of the skin, about 1/3 of the way down. I used scissors and made a zigzag pattern.

I used a circle fondant cutter/cookie cutter to cut out the eyes from a slice of cheese. You could carefully use a knife for this as well.

Roll the end of the blueberry in some of the extra avocado that was stuck to the spoon that removed the green flesh from the avocado skin to make it stick to the cheese.

Use a slightly larger circle cutter or knife to make a crescent moon shape for the mouth.

Slice the moon in half and then carefully carve out a stitched mouth (like a Jack-o-lantern) with a knife. 

Add 2 scraps of leftover cheese to the side of the neck for the electrodes. Serve and enjoy!