Keto Sloppy Joes (No Ketchup)

Begin by cooking the meat until it is brown, and then draining the excess liquid. Drain it into a mixing bowl so the fat doesn't clog up your sink!

In the same pan (without cleaning off the grease) sauté the onions for about 2 minutes until they begin to soften.

Toss in half of a green pepper, finely diced. If you're allowing a few more carbs in your diet, red or yellow peppers are great in this too!

Instead of adding ketchup, I added the spices that make up my keto ketchup recipe: allspice, cumin, and paprika. It tastes like ketchup but without the sugar!

Along with the dry spices add some minced garlic. Allow this mixture to sauté until it becomes fragrant. It'll smell amazing!

I sometimes like to throw in diced zucchini. It's a very low carb vegetable with no overpowering taste, and it's perfect for the keto diet! Add in tomato paste for those ketchup vibes.

Add the drained, browned meat back into the pan with the vegetables and spices, and mix everything together well.

Next, add in a can of chopped tomatoes for that tomato ketchup taste, and also brown erythritol to sweeten it. Sloppy Joes tend to be pretty sweet!

Finally, add in the vinegar, cover the pan with a lid, and allow the dish to simmer until the juices come out and it becomes...sloppy.

Serve Keto Sloppy Joes on keto buns, keto biscuits (like I did!), low carb wraps, stuffed in peppers, or lettuce cups!

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