Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

Add the erythritol and orange juice to a pot over medium heat and stir until dissolved. You can also add another sweetener of your choice like stevia or monk fruit.

Add ground cloves and vanilla extract. This gives the Keto Cranberry Sauce extra warmth and spice, and makes it taste perfect for a holiday dinner.

Add in the cranberries. These can be either fresh or frozen. I used thawed frozen cranberries and the recipe turned out perfectly.

Simmer for 10 minutes with the lid on. The cranberries should begin to break down and combine with the liquid.

To thicken, mix the xanthan gum little by little with some of the liquid from the cranberry sauce. It's okay if a few cranberries get mixed in there too! 

Serve alongside turkey, chicken or a vegetarian friendly holiday main dish! This cranberry sauce recipe is keto/low carb, paleo and vegan-friendly.