Vegan S’mores

Cupcake Cookies

When the weather isn't ideal for making traditional s'mores over a fire, these little vegan gluten-free s'mores bites are ideal anytime.

You won't miss normal S'mores with this recipe, which uses chocolate, gluten-free vegan crushed cookies, and large vegan marshmallows on top!

Cupcake Cookies

-  5 ingredients -  Bite-sized -  Perfect for Summer -  Easy to make -  Kids LOVE them

All you need is:

-  Plain Cookies -  Chocolate -  Marshmallows -  Butter of choice -  Milk of choice

The cookie and chocolate bases are baked to perfection, then a marshmallow is added on top until it is lightly toasted.


There are plenty of dairy-free chocolate options for vegans and also people who have lactose intolerance. I used Tesco’s own Free-From chocolate, but really any bar will work. Milk or dark tastes great, but you can also try something adventurous like salted caramel!

What Chocolate should I use?

This is one of the best fourth of July recipes that will keep everyone happy: the vegans, gluten-frees, dairy-frees, and all the sweet tooths!

4th of July

These delicious morsels can be stored up to a week in an airtight container at room temperature.  This makes them an ideal make-ahead dessert recipe for all of your BBQs, cookouts, and parties this summer!

How do I store these treats?

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