Perfect as a delicious side dish recipe or a soup to start, Rutabaga is a must for your holiday table! This collection of Thanksgiving Rutabaga Recipes contains easy recipes that you can throw together quickly for Thanksgiving dinner. A very popular vegetable, rutabaga is a great substitute for potatoes on a low carb or keto diet.

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❤️ Why you will love cooking rutabaga

  • Easy to make: Once it’s peeled and chopped into large chunks or sliced, you can either boil, air fry, roast, or bake rutabaga on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  • Great alternative to potatoes: If you’re looking for a low-carb substitute for potatoes, the humble rutabaga is an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving table or Christmas dinner. Rutabagas only have 6.7g net carbs per 100g. You can load it up with butter, sour cream, and cheese to make it even more low-carb!
  • Perfect anytime: This is one of my favorite side dishes to have any time of the year. Seasonally, the time of year they appear most often is in Autumn and Winter. They are harvested in October or November and you can find them in the grocery store or farmers market until around March.

❓ What is the difference between a Rutabaga, Swede, & Turnip?

Infographic of rutabaga vs. turnip.

All members of the brassica family (brassica rapa), swedes, rutabagas, and turnips are all turnip cousins. Rutabaga tastes similar to turnip and depending on where you are, the names may overlap between the different vegetables. Here is what they all are:

  • Rutabaga: A rutabaga is a large root vegetable with yellow flesh and tough outer skin.
  • Swede: Also known as a swedish turnip, neep (in Scotland), Irish turnips, and turnip, these yellow turnips are the exact same thing as American rutabagas. It’s just the British and Commonwealth way of referring to it.
  • Turnip: A turnip (or white turnip) is a smaller root vegetable with a white bottom and purple top. It also has white flesh inside as opposed to yellow.

🧡 Rutabaga Side Dishes

🍲 Rutabaga Soup Recipes

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