The air fryer craze has mesmerized us all by turning our fried favorites into healthy meals. This collection of Keto Air Fryer Recipes has over 100 recipes featuring beef, lamb, chicken, pork, seafood, veggies, snacks, and appetizers. This list of my favorite air fryer recipes is a great thing to keep on hand for creating easy keto low-carb meals anytime. These are the BEST keto air fryer recipes!

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❤️ Why you will love this roundup

  • Easy: The best part about using the air fryer is that it’s so simple and clean-up is quick as well.
  • Quick: I’m always impressed by how quickly meats cook in the air fryer, even from frozen!
  • Healthy: Air frying is a much healthier option than deep-frying. You cut the amount of oil down so much, and it tastes just as good, if not better!
  • Family-friendly: These easy keto air fryer recipes are great for feeding a large family. The kids will love these low-carb tasty bites too!
  • So many options: There are over 100 recipes listed here! So many dishes to choose from, and they are all so delicious.

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🥩 Keto Air Fryer Beef and Lamb Recipes

Steak and lamb must be cooked correctly to get the best out of the meat. Luckily, with these air fryer keto recipes, you can achieve that perfect medium-rare with little effort!

🍗 Keto Air Fryer Chicken and Turkey Recipes

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! These succulent air fryer chicken recipes include favorites like keto chicken wings and chicken parmesan smothered in marinara sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Who said the low-carb diet had to be tasteless?

🥓 Keto Air Fryer Pork Recipes

Did someone say bacon? This selection of Air Fryer pork recipes includes bacon, sausage, pork chops, and tenderloin. So easy, so tasty!

🦐 Keto Air Fryer Fish and Seafood Recipes

Light and healthy, air fryer fish and seafood recipes are so easy to fit into the keto diet. This is the best way to cook perfect fish!

🥦 Keto Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

Crispy food doesn't have to be deep-fried. Cooking your favorite low-carb veggies in the air fryer is the perfect way to give them a delicious crunchy texture!

🥜 Keto Air Fryer Snack and Appetizer Recipes

Healthy snacks and party appetizers just got a healthy glow-up! These low carb air fryer recipes are perfect for a wee nibble or entertaining.

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