Breakfast, lunch dinner, dessert, and everything in between, this post has everything covered for Cheap Lazy Vegan Recipes! Each recipe has 6 ingredients or less (minus salt, pepper, and water) and prep is a maximum of 15 minutes. Let’s get lazy with less guilt!

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This post was originally published on November 23rd, 2021.

❤️ Why you will love this Cheap Lazy Vegan Recipes round-up

With this round-up post, I tried to tick a few boxes:

  1. It must be something I would eat: That means all of these easy vegan recipes can be made gluten-free as well.
  2. Minimal ingredients: My limit was 6 ingredients, excluding salt, pepper, and water. I may have let a few extra ingredients slip in if the recipe looked particularly amazing, but 99% of these recipes have 6 ingredients or less.
  3. Don’t take much time to prep: A maximum of 15 minutes prep time, not including cooking because…slow cookers are the ultimate lazy cooking method.

I will continue expanding this list until maybe we reach 100 or 200 recipes. Do you have any favorite lazy vegan recipes that would fit here? Have you seen one that I should add? Shoot me a link on social media (@gallaxygas everywhere) and I’ll check it out!

🥞 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

From waffles to vegan Egg McMuffin Sandwiches, these easy vegan meal ideas will make the start of your day so bright and breezy!

🍽️ Lazy Vegan Dinner Recipes

Make stressful busy weeknights a thing of the past with these easy dinners! These affordable vegan meal ideas are family-friendly and healthy too. Vegan food never tasted so good!

🥔 Vegan Side Dishes

Sometimes the sides are the best part of the meal, right? These easy sides feature everything from your favorite veggies to a creamy sauce recipe that goes on everything!

🥗 Quick Salads

Add a pop of freshness and color to your plate with these quick vegan recipes. These healthy salads are loaded with fresh veggies and perfect year-round!

🍲 Comforting Vegan Soups

Warm and cozy, these incredible vegan soups are a hug in a bowl. The perfect comfort food for chilly nights.

🥜 Addictive Vegan Snacks

Sometimes you just need a little something to take the edge off of your hunger. These snacks are such easy recipes, ready in no time. Both sweet and savory options are here because you just never know!

🍨 Easy Vegan Desserts

From chocolate to nice cream, these are the best lazy vegan recipes to curb your sweet tooth cravings!

☕ Delicious Vegan Drinks

Treat yourself to a healthy, fun drink! From Magical Butterfly Pea Tea to Dark Cherry Frozen Margaritas, there's something for every occasion.

😋 More Vegan Recipes:

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